Hearing Implants

The latest technology for when traditional hearing aids don’t suit your needs
For patients that don’t benefit from traditional hearing aids or can’t use them, bone conduction implants and processors are one of the newest hearing aid technology solutions. Bone conduction implants communicate directly to the inner ear meaning they’re ideal for people with conductive hearing loss or single-sided deafness.

Hearing Implant Manufacturers

Hearing aid manufacturers are always looking for new ways to meet the needs of those with hearing loss.

The introduction of implantable hearing aid technology has seen the quality of life improve for thousands of Australians where traditional hearing aids are unsuitable.

Eastern Audiology has partnered with a number of Ear, Nose & Throat surgeons to be able to offer this solution as part of their rehabilitation portfolio. This ensures there is no compromise on what is available to our patients.

Who are Bone Conduction Implants for?

This is ideal for those with a conductive hearing loss or single-sided deafness, that otherwise don’t benefit from, or cannot use, traditional hearing aids.
Patients with recurrent ear infections and/or discharge from the ear, history of middle ear surgery and severe skin issues in the ear canal can make perfect candidates. This technology can be trialled prior to surgery to ensure that you get the result that you are seeking.

How Do They Work?

Whilst a traditional hearing aid delivers sound through the outer, middle and inner ear where there can be damage at all or some of these pathways.
A cochlear implant stimulates the hearing nerve directly to mimic the function of a healthy inner ear (cochlea). A bone conduction hearing implant uses the beauty of bone conduction to send a clear, crisp sound directly to the inner ear, bypassing the outer and middle ear.

What’s Involved?

There are two parts to any hearing implant system: the surgical implant placed by an Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) surgeon in an operating theatre and the sound processor fitted and fine-tuned by an audiologist.

There are several manufacturers of hearing implant technology and Gippsland Audiology has access to all options. Like traditional hearing aid manufacturers, they each have their points of difference and our recommendation to each patient will depend on our patients’ needs and, of course, their surgical candidacy.

Can I Get Funding?

There are many different funding options for these systems.
This includes complete cover under most private hearing insurers, sometimes even with basic cover. For more information, and to consult an audiologist whether this is an option for you, please call your nearest clinic to make an appointment. If appropriate, your audiologist can arrange the appropriate assessments or trial so you can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with surgery.

More Info & Next Steps

You may also find each of the systems on the manufacturer websites.

Eastern Audiology is proud to work closely with the Ear Nose and Throat surgeons at South East ENT and Melbourne ENT Group.

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