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Hearing aid pricing to
meet your needs
and budget

As an independent private practice we can offer the best products available on the market to meet your hearing needs. The team are committed to providing expert and affordable hearing solutions to you and your family.

Choosing a hearing aid can be complex. Our audiologists pride themselves on taking the time to get to know you before recommending a hearing aid that most suits your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.

At Eastern Audiology we offer an unbundled pricing structure. That means we have separated the cost of the device and services for hearing aid fittings.   This lets you choose the device and level of service that best suits your individual needs and budget. We never hide our prices, our aim is to get the best outcome for you whilst promoting price transparency.

Hearing Aid Prices

As an independent private practice we can offer you the best product on the market to meet your hearing and communication needs.

Below is a sample of well-known hearing device brands and competitive prices we offer.

To have a chat about your hearing needs, discuss pricing or for more information please feel free to contact us or call your local clinic to book an appointment.


Per Pair












Outdoors / Activities




Focus on
conversations anywhere

Unitron 500
Starkey Livio 1000
Widex Evoke 50

HSP Eligible

Unitron Discover 3
Phonak M30
Starkey Livio 1200
Widex Moment 110

HSP Eligible
From $0
From $1578

Unitron Discover 5
Phonak M50
Starkey Livio 1600
Widex Moment 220

HSP Eligible
From $3680
From $4580

Unitron Discover 7
Phonak M70
Starkey Livio 2000
Widex Moment 330

HSP Eligible
From $5030
From $5930

Unitron Discover 9
Phonak M90
Starkey Livio 2400
Widex Moment 440

HSP Eligible
From $6450
From $7350

# Hearing Services Program (HSP) patients.  For eligibility requirements please refer to our Funding Sources page

Our Fitting Process

Hearing aid fitting can be complex. It is not just about the device, it’s about finding the right fit for you and fine-tuning it to your hearing and needs. We work with you to tailor the device to match your individual hearing and communication needs.

This can take time as the brain acclimatises to your new hearing environment. You may have developed some communication habits which need repair. As a minimum you will need a fitting appointment and a fine-tuning appointment to ensure good benefit from your devices. Learn more about our Fitting Processes here.

When it comes to pricing we want to keep it simple.  We have designed two fitting packages to suit your needs and budget. You’ll receive our usual quality service under all fitting packages.

If you are unsure which fitting package will suit you best we can guide you through the best option for your specific needs.

Fitting Packages

Basic Fitting $280

Complete Care $695

Initial Fitting Appointment
Follow Up Appointments

1 Fine-tuning Appointment

As many as required over the initial 12 months

Hearing Re-Test 12 Months Post Fitting
Trial Fee Refundable
1 Year Supply of Batteries (60 cells)
Complimentary Loan Aids

Standard Inclusions for all Fitting Packages

60 day risk-free period

If you are not satisfied you are receiving benefit from your new hearing devices, simply return them for a refund, minus our standard trial fee.

Free in-house clean

Bring your devices into the office for a clean by our team. This will ensure they are always in their best condition.

3 year manufacturer warranty

All hearing aids supplied by Eastern Audiology come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty. Extended warranties are available for a fee.

Independent satisfaction survey

We are constantly monitoring the results of our hearing aid fittings. We use EARtrak™ to ensure our clients are continually getting the best outcomes from their devices.

Ethical advice

All clinicians will only recommend a device based on research and its merits, not because of any incentive. None of our audiologists receive a commission for hearing aids sold.

Expert care

All our clinicians are audiologists who are experts in hearing care for all ages. All audiologists hold a current Clinical Certificate of Practice from Audiology Australia.

Professional continuity

Be assured that your audiologist is committed to your hearing needs – all appointments will be with a familiar face, someone who knows you and understands your hearing needs.

Full range of device OPTIONS

As we are fully independent, we are able to recommend and offer you the best hearing device for your personal needs from a range of manufactures – any colour, any brand, any accessories.

Rebates and subsidies

You may be eligible for rebates or subsidies for your hearing devices, consultation fees, batteries and accessories from your private health insurer, Worksafe and/or Tax-offsets.

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