Wax Management

Earwax Removal in Tasmania & Melbourne
At Eastern Audiology we only ever use gentle ear wax removal methods, such as microsuction and curette removal. No syringing required.

Personal Wax Management

Ear wax is completely natural. It’s designed to protect and moisturise the skin of your ear canal and has soothing, antibacterial properties. It also traps dust and dirt to stop it travelling further into your ear.

Ear wax normally works its own way to the outer ear and gets washed away in the shower. When there is a build-up of ear wax, your ear finds it hard to ‘self-clean’ and will need some help.

Ear wax can build up for a number of reasons. It’s common to have a build-up if you have narrow ear canals or use hearing aids/ear plugs; it also happens more as we get older and the wax and skin become drier. In these situations the wax can’t work its way to the outer ear, which means it starts to accumulate and can potentially block the ear.

For hearing aid users, a wax build-up can prevent the amplified sound reaching the eardrum, or may cause the aid to whistle (feedback).

Our gentle method of wax removal is ideal for anyone with a history of eardrum perforation, middle ear problems, previous ear surgery or discomfort with the syringing method.

Our Personal Wax Management Tips

  • Avoid the use of cotton buds. They can push ear wax deeper into your ear canal, which it can get stuck.
  • Avoid ear candles. They’re ineffective, misleading and can cause damage to your ear canal and/or ear drum.
  • Use a wax removal solution once a month. We recommend ‘Clean Ears’ or Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – both available at Eastern Audiology and selected pharmacies. Follow the instructions on the label or those provided by your audiologist.
If your problems continue, contact Eastern Audiology for specialist wax removal treatment

*Please check which type of wax removal solutions you purchase as there are several types and some not compatible with certain illnesses.

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